Venturing and Entrepreneurship

When it comes to entrepreneurs, it takes one to know one. That’s why we’re so well suited to advise early stage and growth stage companies on their own futures: we are entrepreneurs ourselves.

Paul Earle was founder and President of River West Brands (“RWB”), a pioneer brand acquirer that itself spun off a number of other ventures. He was also one of the founding team members of Angel’s Envy, a highly successful new spirits company that was acquired by Bacardi in 2015, amongst many other adventures in the entrepreneurial trenches.

Our commitment to entrepreneurs applies to not just deploying creativity and business advice writ large to your business; it also has to do with personal coaching and support to the founders and founding teams. Entrepreneurship requires both head and heart.

Our partnerships with early stage companies has spanned a number of verticals—from spirits to research to fin tech and beyond— and continues to grow.

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