Our Work

Here is an assortment of our capabilities:

CreativeElsewhere on the Growth Spectrum
Naming & nomenclatureInnovation strategy
New product/service conceptsOpen innovation management
Graphic designLicensing and other forms of BD
Packaging designVenturing and hired entrepreneurship
Industrial designIP mining and monetization
Digital design & disseminationInnovation training and speaking

The work we have been doing is sensitive and highly confidential in nature, and also is still ongoing in many instances. As such, is not appropriate to disclose this publicly in any detail. Here are some representative projects from our first year, in broad strokes:

For a private investor group, we are creating a new alcoholic beverages brand, soup-to-nuts, from scratch (the strategy, the name, graphic design, bottle design, all of it).

For a growth-stage beverages company, we are doing a comprehensive brand redesign, as well as advising on business strategy, and providing sales/BD leads, fundraising relationships, and founder counsel generally.

For a multinational beverages company, we conducted a comprehensive strategic reboot and creative redesign of two famous brand properties in need of new energy and a metaphorical fresh coat of paint.

For a multinational household products company, we delivered a strategic deep dive of a vertical they have been exploring for decades, followed by the creation of a brand new brand and business plan illuminating a pathway to entry.

For a multinational financial services company, we helped develop and institute broad innovation frameworks and processes, as well as a platform for internal open innovation.

For the same multinational financial services company, we conceived, produced, and delivered a successful and engaging live event on best practices of “Intrapreneurship” and internal idea development.

For a multinational food company, we developed a comprehensive training around practices of Design Thinking and “Intrapreneurship,” and created a new internal open innovation format.

For an early stage tech company, we are advising founders through a radical business pivot, including guidance about going to market under a new brand platform and messaging strategy.

In partnership with a famous entrepreneur and investor, we are acquiring select iconic brand properties, and creating some new ones.

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