Our Team

Our philosophy is simple: if you put the best possible people on a problem, the odds improve that you’ll achieve a great outcome. That’s it. Nothing else comes even close. No trademarked “proprietary process,” no super-algorism. Humans first.

Our human-in-chief is Paul Earle, an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, startup advisor, writer, and educator. As the name of this hotdog stand would suggest, Paul is intimately involved in all activities.

And he is fortunate to be able to work with an amazing group of people along the way.

Earle & Company is a true collective that includes the famous consumer products entrepreneur Craig Dubitsky; the retail, digital and venture guru Stephanie Farsht; product design and technology pioneer Craig Sampson; graphic and packaging design stars Dan Walter and Tim Bruce; design strategist extraordinaire Julia Devetski; business strategy wonk Jon Mollenhauer; the great synthesist, linguist, and rheophile Henry King; the consumer products innovation Midas, Barry Calpino; renowned digital strategist and designer Caleb Gardner; a strategic alliance with the leading innovation and growth strategy boutique Clareo and their deep bench; and the legendary creative visionary Sir Throckmorton Clambake.

Think of us as a hub with a lot of talented spokes. Great ideas come from a lot of places, and we’re intensely networked in light of that truth.

Inquiries: hello@paulearle.com