Training and Speaking

As a member of the faculty at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, where he focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship, Paul Earle has deep experience in producing structured learning events for current and future leaders. This skill has transferred to his private practice, where he is currently designing training and other experiential learning platforms for a number of top companies.

Paul is also a highly experienced and dynamic public speaker with a track record of delivering great experiences for audiences of all sizes and kinds, having delivered keynote addresses around the country on topics ranging from branding, to innovation, to entrepreneurship, to design thinking and beyond.

Whether you are producing a large scale training experience, a large conference, a smaller gathering for senior management, or simply desire an inspired talk or workshop in a more intimate setting, Paul may have the right stuff to give your event a boost of energy, and some fresh perspectives.

Looking for a new voice, and a jolt of dopamine? Get in touch.