Origin Stories of Innovation℠

It’s easy to take the existence of today’s great brands and institutions for granted. Be mindful, however, of the fact that each one of them was started by real people at some point in the past, at great risk. And the path to success was rarely a straight one: in the early days, there were invariably plenty of twists, turns, brilliant maneuvers, and missteps, plus the ever-present impact of timing, opportunism, and the almighty rota fortunae. Through highs and lows, there was never a dull moment.

Origin Stories of Innovation℠ is a podcast series featuring interviews with founders, successors to founders, Presidents, Chairmen, and CEOs of great enterprises. The host, Paul Earle, begins each conversation with a basic question—how did it all begin? – and guides interviewees through a recounting of their own fascinating stories. Each tale is unique, but across very different verticals and even generations, there are commonalities. A “beginner’s mind” to do things differently and disrupt the category, optimism, a genuine love of people, and good old-fashioned common sense are just a few of them.

We have a great line up for Season One; guests are: Gordon Segal, co-founder and former CEO of Crate & Barrel; Rocky Wirtz, owner and Chairman of the Chicago Blackhawks; Andy Friedman, co-founder and former CEO of Skinny Pop; Robert Pasin, CEO and grandson of the founder, Radio Flyer; Kelly Leonard, former President/theatrics and successor to founders, The Second City; and Marc Bushala, co-founder and former CEO, Angel’s Envy Spirits Co.

Season 1 premiered on April 13, 2017 – click here to listen.
Check back here later for news about Season 2, tentatively planned for release this fall.

Special thanks to Leo Burnett, Lowercase Inc., and Sodada for their contributions to this production.