New Brand Conception and Design

We’re not aware of many new products that have gone to market anonymously. Even Anonymous, the mysterious mischief maker of the Internet, is not anonymous… that’s an awesome and nearly perfect name choice, and is a powerful brand by any measure.

We desperately love creating new brands from scratch, and have done it a lot. We’re very comfortable with time zero, and a blank piece of paper. We’ll do it all for you: identifying the people who matter most, the insight, the name and nomenclature, the graphic design, form design, go-to-market design, all of it.

One example of this kind of work is High Noon, pictured here [Tim please add a few more visuals]. A major wine and spirits company hired Farmhouse, the innovation center at Leo Burnett that Paul Earle co-founded and served as Executive Director, to create a new brand to bring to life a vodka formula they had acquired. The Farmhouse team did pretty much everything outlined in the paragraph above. It was a thrilling adventure and we are very proud of the outcome (the new brand and business are out there now, and there is much potential).

There is a corollary to brand conception and design, by the way. That is: brand reconception and redesign. We have done a lot of that too; it is fundamentally a similar exercise.

If you think your business might benefit from some art complementing your science, get in touch.