Advance Party℠: The Commissioned Acceleration and Commercialization of Ideas

Established corporations have nearly identical problems: they’re great at developing ideas but often struggle to get them to market in any reasonable time frame, or at all.

Rather than try to develop everything completely internally, what corporations should often do is form an Advance Party™.

Inspired by the old maritime tradition of launching small groups of brave adventurers to explore new territory in advance of a broader landing, an Advance Party™ is a coalition of external operators, retail solutions and capital to bring ideas to life in the only place that matters: the marketplace. And Paul Earle & Co. will make it all happen.

You can think of Advance Party℠ as a creatively-enhanced, hyper industrious dot connection service. It’s a decidedly modern and relevant approach: it tackles the increasingly severe problem of corporate innovation malaise with the increasingly potent solution of leveraging the thriving ecosystem on the outside.

The process is very simple:

1)  Assess the corporation’s portfolio of idea “inventory,” as well as external forces;
2)  Accelerate the best ones through the infusion of strategy, story, and design; then;
3)  Actualize the idea by placing it in an Advance Party™ that first commercializes the concept, operating outside of the corporate structure.

The obvious beneficiary of Advance Party™ is the corporation and its shareholders, as well as external partners brought in for the challenge. But not to be lost is the additional benefit of this approach to the individual inventors, innovation and marketing leaders, and so many other brave souls within the corporation who work on ideas—which are always intensely personal undertakings. They will be given a new pathway for their creations to be brought to life. We’re here for them.

There can be many mechanisms in place to ensure that the corporation retains considerable value in the new endeavor, and further possesses future options once it shows potential to scale.

Proof: Paul Earle has successfully led dozens of complex intellectual property transactions, ranging from trademark licenses to joint ventures and beyond, with companies of all sizes operating in virtually all classes of trade. He has also been directly involved in the conception, financing, and growth of a number of successful private enterprises, in addition to his past role as a corporate entrepreneur. It’s a unique profile, and required in order to implement the Advance Party™ model above. What’s more, the Mind Into Matter™ track records of Paul Earle &Co.’s advisors and partners are quite considerable too. We’re ready.

If you think you have the next big thing but want an alternative to the legacy approach to commercialization, consider forming an Advance Party™.

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